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- Filtration, purification and separation products. 
- Filtration of OTC and various pharma intermediates and preparations.
- Clarification/Purification of fermations and extractions.
- Enzyme - either extraction or fermentation.
- Separation/Concentration using spiral crossflow systems.
- Systems for lab, pilot and production.

- Lab filtration products include syringe tip filters, disc holders, capsules, and
  various filter medias for the various applications. 

Food & beverage
- Plant wide filtration in bottling plants
- Craft Beverage Market: - Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cider, and Mead.
- Filtration Support to Food Manufacturing Plants

 Filtration of bulk chemicals with bag filters and strainers.   
- Fine chemical purification and clarification.
- Ink jet inks and coatings among other types of chemical based liguids.

Filtration of solvents and plating solutions.                       
- some waste water filtration depending on the application.
Pre-filter and final filter of HVAC systems
- Filters to support the continued operation of high purity DI water.

Power Generation 
- All types of filters to support the production of power.                                               
- Turbine air inlet, coalescers, mist eliminators.

Graphic Arts/Printing
- Cartridge and capsule filtration
- HVAC filters
- Filters for cooling water

Machinery & Equipment including Aerospace
- Desiccant Breathers for lube oil reservoirs to extend filter life.
- High pressure lube filters, spin-ons, vacuum filters.
- High levels of filtration to support critical processes.

Resale to Water Treatment Professionals & Mechanical Contractors
- Plastic and Stainless Housings for commercial and industrial applications.
- Continued support with parts, filters and technical knowledge.
- Quick connect fittings from John Guest

Point of Use - Point of Entry
- Sediment filters, Carbon filters, Housings.
- Specialty media for specific contaminates
- Resin cartridges, Iron removal media
- Preventing off tastes and odors from the consumer and processes.